Monday, June 13, 2011

The Answer

People always ask, so here’s the answer:

I live for those moments - those tiny, transient moments - where everything makes sense, just in that instant: the moments where a riff or melody in a song just snaps the universe into place and you’re seeing it all at once like a Laplace Demon; moments of complete intimacy where you’re so open that communication can almost take place telepathically; moments of such intense emotion where crying almost seems like an insult to the reality of it; moments where everything rushes through your head like a montage; moments of ultimate humanity!

Yes, certainly, these moments are rare. (Increasingly so given the pace and direction of the world’s flux toward delusion and “spectacle.”) However, they contain within them the inverse of one’s (our) collective struggle. It’s basic Newton, you fucking weirdos.

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Creepy Jeremy said...

What "riffs or melodies" put you in that place? I have eclectic taste, so for me the melodies include Rachmaninoff's 2nd concerto and the riffs include Doug Stanhope's rants on marriage.